Oil Changes

What's one of the best ways to keep your car operating smoothly and efficiently? Stay on schedule with oil changes at  Minor Tire & Wheel Inc..

One of the many important maintenance operations that will keep your car in peak condition is keeping up on oil changes. Oil changes are a cost effective service that will allow your vehicle to operate smoothly and efficiently. Frequent oil changes will also help prevent costly repairs throughout the life of your vehicle.

When will your vehicle need an oil change?

  • Typically changes should be performed every 3,000 miles
  • Vehicle manufacturer's recommendations may vary – you should always consult your manual

Our expert technicians will:

  • Remove old oil
  • Replace old oil filter
  • Lubricate fittings where necessary
  • Replenish with a high quality oil selection
  • Check and top off all fluids

We carry a full selection of conventional, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oil as well as high mileage oil designed for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. Contact us today to schedule a service!

Why are oil changes necessary?

Ultimately, high operating temperatures lead to the thermal breakdown of oil, rendering it less effective as a lubricant. Lubricant is essential in the prevention of engine part wear due to excessively friction. Acid neutralizing additives in oil decrease in effectiveness over time, and oil eventually becomes saturated with dust, water and combustion residues that cause engine corrosion. Neglecting regular oil changes will lead to poor engine performance. Oil performs many essential functions, and clean oil will perform much more efficiently than dirty oil. Regular oil changes are essential to vehicle's performance and safety.


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What our customers say

"I recently purchased new wheels for my 2015 Yukon. Minor Tire and Wheel had a good selection in stock and was able to get them on my vehicle quickly. They were great to deal with and I'm very pleased with the look and quality of the wheel." read more

"Went to Minor this past weekend expecting to have to purchase a new tire. I asked the mechanics to take a look at the tire and tell me what they thought. Not only did they figure out I didn't need a new tire after a minor fix, but they also put in a new brake light I needed and didn't charge me a dime! I will surely be back to Minor when I need my car serviced again. Everyone there was very friendly and the waiting area was very clean." read more

"The only place in North Alabama to go for tires, wheels, etc. These guys get it done right. Probably why they've been around so long." read more

"Been doing my tire business at minor over 20 years. Always take care of me great service." read more

"Did some shopping around for the Michelin tires I wanted and found that most places around didn't have what I wanted in stock and would have to order it. Such was the case with Minor. I went in and talked with Dave who quickly got the prices I needed and presented me with the options I had available, mounting/balancing/nitrogen/alignment/etc. Dave ordered in the tires which came in the next day as he expected and by mid-afternoon I had the new tires all set to go without a problem or hitch in the process anywhere. That's EXACTLY how I would want a tire purchase to happen."read more

"The only place I trust with my truck and my car. Had to get new tires on my truck, knew what I wanted and they helped me get exactly what I needed without trying to sell me up with things I didn't need. When my vehicles need an oil change, they're the only place I consider. They are super friendly and very helpful. I tell everyone I know to go to Minor for anything, and when my kids are old enough to drive, I'll be sending them there with their cars too!" read more

"This is always my first choice to get my oil changed and tire work done. Great staff and they do quality work." read more

"Price was good and they got my tires changed and oil changed and was in and out in about one hour. Service was great!!" read more

"Great experience ! Sales staff is friendly & very helpful , pricing is very competitive. In the shop and out with 4 tires installed in less than an hour. Free Wi-Fi and fresh Buttered Popcorn in the customer lounge. Minor Tire & Wheel will be my go to automotive shop for all future needs. Thanks Minor Tire Sales Team !!" read more

"The A/C in my wife's car, a Ford 500, wasn't cooling as well as it should. I stopped by and talked to Jason, and he said let them check it out. My options were "very expensive" to something "minor". Turns out...all it needed was a little freon. They fixed the problem, and saved me a lot of money! Great folks to deal with!" read more

"Please accept my congratulations for having such exceptional staff members at your store 3512 6th Ave Se Decatur, AL. After hearing a "tick" in my engine and pulled in to Minor Tire and Wheel. They immediate took care of my Saturn Vue. It was fixed and back on the road. They also take care of my car when I bring it in for its oil changes and routine check. I'm telling you anything has to be done to my car I don't think twice about going anywhere else Minor Tire and Wheel is the place to go :)" read more

"FIRST RATE SERVICE!!! The salesmen were very helpful when it came to selecting my tires and wheels. They also provide all of their tire customers with FREE rotate and balance for the lifetime of the tires they purchased. You can't beat free! I look forward to doing more business with them in the future." read more