Sports Concepts

If you’re a fast car enthusiast, then Sports Concepts is your #1 Vision Wheel brand! Learn more about our lightweight tire!

Sport Concept wheels are designed for the fast car enthusiast. Our lightweight wheel technology never slows your vehicle down, keeping it at its top performance. Available in various finishes & designs, you’ll find the perfect wheel to match your ride.

For over 40 years, Vision Wheel strives to provide any and all types of wheels for whatever type of car enthusiast you are. Vision Wheel is known in the industry for their continued innovation & always striving to keep in the forefront of all wheel trends. Whether you’re looking to outfit your SUV or your sports car, Vision Wheel has just the wheel type that you’re looking for. Vision Wheel is proud to showcase their most expansive lineup of custom wheels, including Vision Wheel, Vision Off-Road, Vision UTV/ATV/Golf, Vision HD/Trailer, Sport Concepts, Milani, Hurst Wheel and American Muscle.

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